Is there a difference between Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Work Health and Safety (WHS) in Australia? The short answer: No. In January 2012 new WHS laws commenced in most states and territories to harmonise existing OHS laws across Australia. With this modification came a change in terminology, and OHS obligations became known as WHS obligations.

The workplace health and safety laws in Australia place the responsibility on the employer to do all they reasonably can to prevent accidents and injuries.

Under these laws employers must have insurance to cover their employees in the event of an accident. In addition, employers have a positive duty to ensure both the physical and mental health of their workers.

What are my WHS Obligations?

Employers must be able to demonstrate that they have taken steps to ensure a safe work environment. This includes a process of risk management and complying with all applicable WHS legislation and industry standards.

At its most basic, an employer has an obligation to:

  1. Identify any workplace hazards;
  2. Demonstrate to employees how to safely fulfil their duties and role;
  3. Provide safety equipment when needed;
  4. Provide all new employees with a WHS induction;
  5. Take reasonable and necessary steps to avoid workplace injuries;
  6. Provide a safe work premises; and
  7. Assess risks and implement appropriate measures for controlling them.

How HR Assured Can Help:

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