In a continuing effort to ensure compliance with Australia’s workplace laws, the Fair Work Ombudsman has announced plans to audit a large number of randomly selected businesses across both New South Wales and Victoria.

The first of these campaigns will see businesses in the Southern highlands and Shoalhaven regions in New South Wales come under increasing scrutiny in the coming months. In a separate campaign, the Fair Work Ombudsman will target businesses in the Gippsland region in Victoria. A range of industries are set to be affected by the audits including; retail, construction, fast food, restaurant, warehousing and hospitality.

The Fair Work Ombudsman is particularly interested in ensuring that employers are paying the correct minimum rates of pay, penalty rates, allowances and loadings. Fair Work Inspectors will also be on the lookout for employers who fail to provide correct meal breaks, or comply with their recording-keeping and pay slip obligations.

Australia’s workplace relations system is complex and covers a range of issues, from awards to workplace health and safety, to bullying and discrimination. Would your business pass the Fair Work Ombudsman’s rigorous audit process?

What does this mean for you?

Workplace Relations and Advisory Manager, Wes O’Donnell, says that the upcoming campaigns should act as a timely reminder that all businesses must ensure that they understand and comply with their workplace obligations.

Mr O’Donnell said that:

The upcoming campaigns will involve Fair Work Inspectors contacting a large number of randomly selected businesses and undertaking a sample audit of their employee records. The effectiveness of this approach should not be underestimated. We have seen a staggering amount of money recovered as a result of similar campaigns this year and there is no reason to suspect that these two will be any different

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