It may surprise you but the formulae for any successful business is simple – the right people supported by the right technology. Without the right technology or HR systems in place, even an outstanding business will struggle in today’s competitive market.

Effective HR systems and information technologies are therefore essential in achieving your key business objectives as well as providing you with a significant competitive advantage in the market.

Why are effective HR systems crucial to success?

No matter the size of your business or the industry in which you operate, people are your most valuable asset.

The trouble for many Australian SME’s is that you are required to comply with a complex mix of employer obligations. There are a range of statutory obligations imposed on you under not only the Fair Work Act 2009 but also state legislation regulating issues such as workers compensation, public holidays and long service leave. In addition, you may also have obligations under a range of modern awards or even an enterprise agreement.

This presents many traps for those tasked with managing businesses including heavy penalties for those who get it wrong. It has therefore never been more important to implement an effective and efficient people management strategy. Imagine having access to an HR system that ensured compliance with all aspects of workplace and employee management. This is where we can help, let us introduce you to HRA Cloud.

Going beyond compliance

Effective HR systems not only minimise your risk by ensuring compliance, but also enable you to achieve your organisational objectives and facilitate long term growth.

HR systems will enable you to maintain complete records on existing employees, develop the talent in your workforce, manage performance and disciplinary processes and assist when terminating employees with minimal disruption and risk.

How we can help

HRA Cloud is a web-based HR system that provides you with access to information, advice and best practice guidance on all Australian employment law matters.

It not only acts as a central repository for all your human resources documentation but can be accessed anytime, anywhere. It is a cradle-to-grave employee-lifecycle management tool that provides you with compliant employment documentation (which is constantly updated) including employment contracts, letters to employees and checklists for undertaking certain tasks.

You can rest assured that with help from the HR Assured team and use of the HRA Cloud, your business is always compliant.

For more information on the recommendations and what this means for you, clients should contact the HR Assured team. If you’d like more information about the benefits of becoming an HR Assured client contact us today for a free initial consultation.