By Annette Micallef

Australia, it’s been an incredibly challenging year, to say the least; we’ve fought off catastrophic bush fires, faced devastating floods and survived a deadly global pandemic. And, when it comes to the HR and employment relations space, we’ve witnessed some significant legislative changes and case law decisions that have changed the way employers manage their people and businesses in 2020 and beyond.

As we begin preparing for a well-earnt break this Christmas, the team at HR Assured has spent some time evaluating the past 12 months. We’ve sifted through the blog archives and collated our top 12 articles we’ve written this year! Want to know which blogs were our favourites? Sit down, get comfortable and enjoy reading… 

1. How to focus on HR functions that add value

Ceri Hohner, Associate and Solicitor says: “This article makes you think about the reason a business needs to have a strong HR function. It might seem obvious to us but having policies and key functions in place can help businesses reach their HR objectives.”

2. High Court clarifies payment for personal leave

This article explains a very complex issue in simple, easy to understand language. Michal Roucek, Senior Associate has done an extraordinary job at transforming legal rules into practical recommendations.

3. Social isolation and mental health – what can employers do?

Another favourite from Ceri Hohner, Associate and Solicitor. She says: “This is a fantastic article about maintaining good mental health during social isolation – something that has been challenging to all of us, no matter how introverted or extroverted we would normally consider ourselves. Some great suggestions for keeping safe and healthy in respect to your interconnecting lives of work, family and socialisation.”

4. Is termination by email appropriate?

Workplace Relations Consultant, Katherine Argyriou, explains why meetings and consultation with employees about certain decisions should be conducted face to face.

5. How to survive (and thrive) when working from home

Before Copywriter Peter Dickison worked at HR Assured, he was a freelance writer and worked from home. So, when the pandemic hit, and most of the HR Assured team were working remotely, Peter quickly put pen to paper and wrote this clever and helpful article on how to adjust to the new ‘normal’ working environment. Even as time has passed, and many businesses choose to continue allowing employees to work remotely, Peter’s excellent advice still stands. Read it. It’s a good reminder to help you keep things in check.

6. Ignorance is no excuse: Fair Work Ombudsman responds to audit findings

This article is a good reminder to businesses to get the ‘basics’ of workplace compliance right – fail to do so and the consequences could be huge!

7. Breaking all records – HR Assured’s Telephone Advisory Service in 2020, part one

This article takes you behind the curtain at HR Assured’s Telephone Advisory Service. Here, you can learn who they are, what they do, and how they weathered the storm of pandemic panic to help thousands of business owners, managers and employees.

8. How to manage risks in a remote working environment

“Employers have an obligation to keep their people safe and healthy, even when they’re working from home. This article not only points out excellent tips for businesses, but there are some free tools businesses can download to help protect them” – Annette Micallef, Content Marketing Manager.

9. 10 reasons why businesses need employment contracts

If it’s not a legal requirement to have an employment contract in place with an employee, then why have one at all? Let our Workplace Relations Consultant, Katherine Argyriou explain.

10. Managing difficult conversations remotely

Bethany Silverman, Workplace Relations Consultant provides legal advice to HR Assured’s clients via our Telephone Advisory Service. This article is packed full to the brim with advice to help an employer approach a tough conversation with a remote worker.

11. State-based legislation to criminalise wage theft; what you need to know

Amanda Curatore is a Senior Workplace Relations Consultant and Solicitor, and one of our resident writers! Here she explains which states have taken action to criminalise wage theft.

12. WorkPac appeal – High Court to review casual employee entitlements

The definition of casual employment has been a hot topic this year, particularly with the Rossato decision.

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Annette Micallef is a Content Marketing Manager and works for FCB Group (HR Assured’s parent company). Annette is an incredibly passionate and enthusiastic marketing communications professional and she is responsible for creating interesting and meaningful content across FCB Group’s businesses. When Annette isn’t creating e-Books, email campaigns and blogs, you can find her in the great outdoors; she loves being surrounded by nature and considers this to be her happy place where she finds inspiration and ideas.