Founded in 2015, Tierra Health Pty Ltd brings together the experience of several long-term qualified aged care professionals to form an Aged Care Management firm, which assists small-to-medium sized Approved Providers across Australia. Alex Anderson, CFO of Tierra Health, originally used HR Assured as an outsourced HR Manager to support his growing business. Now, HR Assured aides the role to ensure compliance and organisation of employee records.

Many senior executives at small to medium-sized businesses find it challenging to juggle managing a business while fulfilling HR duties which require extensive knowledge of Australia’s current Fair Work Act legislation, which mandates our national employment standards. Alex relies on HR Assured’s software, HRA Cloud, to manage his day-to-day HR practices, allowing him to focus on his own duties as CFO with peace of mind knowing all the businesses contracts, documents and workflows are compliant.

Recently, Alex used HRA Cloud to manage the process of two unique employee terminations at Tierra Health. Without HR Assured, Alex ran the risk of incurring unforeseen expenses to the business in legal bills, had he mismanaged either termination. Luckily, Alex used HRA Cloud’s termination guides and letter templates and workflows, which were easily modified to meet the specific case of each employee. With HR Assured on his side, Alex felt confident in managing both termination processes compliantly and also respectfully in regards to his transitioning employees.

Alex reports that he enjoys the contemporary design of HRA Cloud, and finds the intuitive layout to be comprehensive without any “clunkiness” Alex has experienced with other software providers. The intuitiveness of HRA Cloud made the software simple to navigate and start using right away.

Tierra Health is easily able to manage and configure HRA Cloud to meet the specific needs of the business. HRA Cloud is adaptable to allow the company’s existing procedures and policies to be uploaded, along with HRA Cloud’s pre-programmed, best-practice workflow recommendations to suit all types of employment related matters.

Tierra Health values the business protection and peace of mind provided by HR Assured through its suite of services which include the HRA Cloud software, our qualified HR advice line which is available 24-hours every day, the compliance audit process and the Employment Practice Liability insurance.  The HR Assured package contributes towards a stress-free company culture at Tierra Health which allows staff to provide the best possible service to their clients.

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