We all know how important first impressions are, especially in the workplace. There is something that we all ‘feel’ when we enter a workplace for the first time. Something that we can’t see and something that we may not be able to describe, but something that we know all know is essential to the success of businesses like ours.

This is best referred to as ‘culture’. While you may have heard of the term, you’ll be surprised to learn just how big of an impact it can have on the profitability of your business.

A strong culture helps you to attract and retain the right workers

Attracting great talent doesn’t come cheap. Small businesses often spend a lot of time and effort recruiting the right employees. Once you have found the right workers, investing a little time and money towards creating a fun, happy and exciting work environment can save you a lot of money in the long run. This is achieved through developing a strong workplace culture.

A strong culture improves productivity

As well as helping to retain the right workers, a strong workplace culture is the most effective way of driving productivity. It provides your workers with guidance, as well as the inspiration and motivation they require to succeed. Your workers may be paid per hour but we all know that they’re not paid to just sit around.

A strong culture strengthens the reputation of your brand

Your workplace culture defines the way in which your workers interact with one another and how your organisation interacts with the outside world, specifically your business partners and suppliers. A strong workplace culture defines who you are as a business and strengthens the reputation of your brand. After all, it’s often not what you know, but rather who you know that’s important in business.

A strong culture protects you against unfair dismissal

We all remember that infamous 2014 Christmas party case, right? The one where a male employee was found to have been unfairly dismissed despite sexually harassing colleagues and telling his bosses to f@%k off at the staff Christmas party?

As outrageous as it seems, cases such as this are not uncommon. This is largely attributable to the absence of a strong workplace culture. Without the presence of a strong workplace culture, it is very difficult to enforce the standards of behaviour that you expect from your workers. Taking steps to develop and maintain a strong workplace culture will support your decision to dismiss an employee for misconduct, and may even prevent them from misbehaving in the first place.

How you can create a strong workplace culture

A strong workplace culture takes time to develop. It is something that requires strong leadership from the top down; it cannot be implemented overnight. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t steps you can take to achieve this.

A good place to start is to develop a clear direction for your business through a mission statement and a strong set of values to guide your employees. This should be reflected in a comprehensive Employee Handbook containing the policies and procedures that are essential to the smooth and efficient operation of your business.

How HR Assured can help

Should you invest in building and strengthening your workplace culture? Absolutely! You invest in tangible assets like machinery and equipment, so why wouldn’t you invest in your employees? After all, your employees are your most valuable asset, right?

For more information on the creating and maintain a strong workplace culture, clients should contact the HR Assured team. If you’d like more information about the benefits of becoming an HR Assured client contact us today for an informal chat.