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Childcare industry workplace relations report

The childcare industry is highly regulated and consequently, if you own or operate a business within this sector, you’re faced with a unique set of workplace challenges. After surveying childcare providers from around the nation, we’ve identified the most common workplace issues within the industry and shared our tips and advice on how you can deal with them in this report.

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Get real & relevant insights from our team of employment relations experts

This report was compiled by some of the industry’s best workplace relations experts – our team consists of HR and legal professionals with many years of practical experience – the same people who advise and support our customers’ businesses. They spent hours surveying, collating, analysing and writing this report which is packed with unique information and advice.

Almost half of those surveyed found it difficult to manage poor performance
Managing poor performance can be tricky, but, as an employer, if you don’t do anything about a poor-performing employee, you may be faced with other issues in the future. Read the report to access our expert tips.
Underpayment issues
In recent times, there have been a number of highly-publicised underpayment claims within the childcare industry. The consequences of underpayment extend beyond that of a simple order for back pay – inside the report, we point out the risks and penalties of an underpayment claim and ways you can prevent this happening in your own business.