Today, National Cabinet announced a three-stage framework for relaxing coronavirus restrictions in Australia in an effort to restart the economy – these measures will be reviewed by the Government every three weeks.

The ACT, South Australia and Queensland will begin easing certain restrictions before this Monday. It remains unclear on when the rest of Australia will begin these new measures as each state and territory government will need to assess local conditions before implementing the new plan.

Restaurants and small cafes will be among the first to open while social distancing measures are to remain in place.

Libraries, community centres, playgrounds and boot camps will re-open and people will be able to undertake local and regional travel.

According to Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, the first stage of easing restrictions is expected to boost the Australian economy by more than $3 billion per month and restore 325,000 jobs.

The road to recovery – three-stage framework

Step 1:

  • Five visitors at home, 10 in businesses and public places
  • Work from home if it works for you and your employer
  • Restaurants, cafes and shopping open
  • Libraries, community centres, playgrounds and boot camps open
  • Local and regional travel

Step 2:

  • Gatherings of 20 in your home, business and public places
  • Work from home if it works for you and your employer
  • Gyms, beauty, cinemas, galleries and amusement parks open
  • Caravan or camping grounds
  • Some interstate travel

Step 3:

  • Gathering sizes increased to 100
  • Return to workplace
  • Nightclubs, food courts, saunas open
  • All interstate travel
  • Consider Cross-Tasman, pacific island and international students travel

Mr Morrison said that stage three “will become clearer as we move through the first two steps, so there will be more work to do on step three. But most workers by then will be back in the workplace. Interstate travel will most likely resume, pubs and clubs with some restrictions will be open and also possibly gaming venues.”

Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy has reminded Australians to continue testing for coronavirus, download the COVIDSafe app and to not go into work when sick to ensure the easing of social distancing restrictions does not cause a resurgence of the virus.

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