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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of the evolving global coronavirus pandemic, the team at HR Assured has created this page which is dedicated to supporting business owners and HR managers. The content on this page aims to address some sensitive issues many businesses are facing in these uncertain times. Now more than ever, we will navigate this situation together. If there are things you need from us or additional ways we can support you, please let us know.

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Week in Review - Q&A for businesses during COVID-19
Location: Zoom online
Time: 12:30PM
Each week, Wes O'Donnell National Workplace Relations Manager is hosting this Q&A webinar.
JobKeeper Rules Explained – Q&A session
Wes O'Donnell, National Workplace Relations Manager.
Get up to speed on COVID-19
Common questions from business owners.

Redundancy – part 5: payment entitlements
How to compliantly proceed with a redundancy – part 5: payment entitlements
Redundancy – part 4: redeployment
How to compliantly proceed with a redundancy – part 4: redeployment
Redundancy – part 3: consultation obligations
How to compliantly proceed with a redundancy – part 3: consultation obligations
Redundancy – part 2: operational requirements
How to compliantly proceed with a redundancy – part 2: operational requirements
Redundancy – part 1: overview
How to compliantly proceed with a redundancy – part 1: overview
Government announces a framework to ease lockdown restrictions
Today, National Cabinet announced a three-stage framework for relaxing coronavirus restrictions in Australia in an effort to restart the economy – these measures will be reviewed by the Government every three weeks.
COVID-19 disputes before the Fair Work Commission
A new jurisdiction of dispute resolution to be managed by the Fair Work Commission (FWC).
Pandemic not an excuse to avoid consultation obligations
Businesses seeking to undertake redundancy processes for staff due to economic downturn and lack of work associated with the COVID-19 must meet consultation obligations
Pandemic Leave inserted into modern awards
The Fair Work Commission has temporarily inserted a new Schedule into 99 modern awards, which allows for Pandemic Leave, and the ability for employees to take twice as much annual leave at half pay.
Australian Government released JobKeeper Rules
Over the Easter long weekend, the Australian Government released the JobKeeper payment Rules which are outlined in the Coronavirus Economic Response Package (Payments and Benefits) Rules 2020 (Rules) legislation.
Social isolation and mental health
Anxiety, frustration, fear, boredom – these are just some of the feelings people are experiencing as Australians across the country practise social distancing and self-isolation to help control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). People are separated from loved ones, socially isolated, and have had many of the freedoms we take for granted stripped away. In many cases, the challenges of social distancing have been compounded by reduced working hours and income, or income lost altogether due to stand down.
Critical COVID-19 amendments FWA
In response to COVID-19, yesterday the Australian Government introduced legislation to temporarily amends the Fair Work Act 2009 (Act) to assist employers and employees to work through the economic impact of COVID-19.
JobKeeper payment Frequently Asked Questions
The Government has rolled out a suite of financial stimulus packages to support employers, employees and those who now find themselves out of work.
JobKeeper wage subsidy Fact Sheet
In this Fact Sheet, we take a look at the new JobKeeper wage subsidy and what it means for businesses.
Change to Clerks Private Sector Award
On 28 March 2020, the Fair Work Commission (the Commission) made a determination varying the Clerks Private Sector Award (Clerks Award). The determination inserted a special new COVID-19 flexibility schedule (Schedule I) which will have effect from 28 March 2020 until 30 June 2020.
Government launches Coronavirus Australia app
Keeping up with the rapid changes of coronavirus (COVID-19) can feel like a full-time gig, and with so many media outlets reporting on the situation, how do you know which source of information is the most trustworthy and reliable?
WHS and working from home
As an employer, you have a duty of care to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, even if that workplace is their own home!
Coronavirus update 23 March 2020
Employer stand down measures.
Working from home
How to survive (and thrive) when working from home
Social Distancing & Workplace Practices
The COVID-19 outbreak is likely to bring massive change to every workplace.
3-minute masterclass
Managing staff leave entitlements

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