By Marie Sherry

After two weeks of lockdown caused by an outbreak of COVID-19, the Victorian Government has eased some restrictions, commencing from 11:59pm on Thursday 10 June 2021.

There are different restriction levels for Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria, which are outlined below.

Metropolitan Melbourne

From 11:59pm on Thursday 10 June 2021, those in Metropolitan Melbourne will no longer be subject to the ‘five reasons’ to leave home. However, masks will remain mandatory indoors and outdoors unless an exemption applies. Visitors to the home are also still not permitted.

In addition, the five-kilometre rule will be replaced by the 25-kilometre rule, meaning that people can travel a distance of up to 25 kilometres from their home, however, travel outside this distance is limited to:

  • Accessing necessary goods and services where they cannot be accessed closer;
  • To visit an intimate partner;
  • To visit another person in your ‘single bubble’;
  • For work and education;
  • Work at an interstate location (where permitted by another state);
  • Care and compassionate reasons (specific exemptions apply).

Travel to regional Victoria is not permitted except for:

  • Work or education;
  • Necessary goods and services (if they cannot be accessed within 25 kilometres from home);
  • Care and compassionate reasons;
  • To receive COVID-19 vaccination at the nearest vaccination centre to home.

Other changes include:

  • Offices an operate at 25 per cent capacity or up to 10 people if the total workplace number is 40 or less, however, those who can work from home should continue to;
  • Outdoor gatherings are limited to 10 people;
  • Funerals are limited to 50 people and weddings are limited to 10 people;
  • Religious ceremonies are limited to 50 people;
  • Restaurants and cafes an operate with a limit of 50 people inside;
  • Retail can operate with limits of one person per four square metres;
  • Hairdressing, personal are and beauty services can resume with the exceptions that masks are worn during services.

Regional Victoria

The following easing of restrictions will be in place throughout Regional Melbourne:

  • Offices are able to operate up to 50 per cent capacity but those who can work from home should continue to;
  • Public gatherings are limited to 20 people;
  • Regional Victorians can have visitors over to their home, this is limited to two adults per day with their dependents;
  • Funerals are limited to 75 people and weddings are limited to 20 people;
  • Religious ceremonies are limited to 150 people per venue for seated services, including and up to 75 people outdoors;
  • Restaurants and cafes can service and seat up to 150 people per venue and a maximum of 75 people inside;

The full breakdown of restrictions can be found here.

All individuals must continue to maintain social distancing and get tested for COVID-19 if experiencing symptoms.

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Marie Sherry is a Workplace Relations Advisor at FCB Group (our parent company) and HR Assured. Marie advises SMEs across a broad range of industries on all HR and employment relations matters including the Fair Work Act, National Employment Standards, Award compliance, employment contracts, performance management, unfair dismissal, general protections, wages, recruitment, WHS, HRIS, redundancy, and major workplace changes and updates.