Fitzpatricks Private Wealth has a rich company history, serving many of Australia’s most successful individuals, families and companies, advising their clients on wealth management, estate planning, wealth preservation, financial management strategies and investment management since 1987.

The company has exponentially grown since the early 2000s, going from a small business to a large firm with a national presence. And in recent years, Fitzpatricks Private Wealth has continued its winning streak, expanding from 55 employees across two locations to over 95 staff in five locations. Chris Tattersall, Company Secretary and Head of Human Resources says being compliant in employee relations and workplace health and safety has helped the company expand and succeed, giving credit to the HR service which supports them – HR Assured.

Why was HR Assured selected?

Fitzpatricks Private Wealth engaged with HR Assured three years ago and since then, they say, they haven’t looked back. Before signing up to HR Assured, Tattersall realised that the company required some HR support – she was concerned with compliance and wanted to mitigate risks and reduce the time spent on HR admin tasks.

Soon after engaging with HR Assured, a comprehensive HR Audit was completed – and Tattersall’s concerns were proved to be true – several documentation gaps were uncovered, highlighting the need to make some amendments and rectify the issues found. So how did the company address the risks? One of the ways that helped Fitzpatricks Private Wealth become compliant was by simply accessing the ready-to-use templates, documents, and policies in the HR software, HRA Cloud, to avoid any future issues such as overpayment or underpayment of wages.

Tattersall says she has peace of mind knowing that the company’s line managers “can take the lead on HR within their business units and manage any employment risks exceptionally well.”

Access to advice 24/7

When we asked Tattersall what she thought about the Telephone Advisory Service which is part of the six services that make up HR Assured, Tattersall said: “I cannot speak highly enough of HR Assured. I have personally tested the Telephone Advisory Service, and it really does operate 24 hours a day.

“They’ve helped us to navigate around many small day-to-day HR issues and also tackle some much bigger ones such as workplace restructures and tricky disciplinary and grievance processes which do pop up from time to time. What makes HR Assured different to other services that I’ve previously used is that they know what they’re talking about, and they take the time to assess each situation with care and humanity.”

Support in good times and bad

Tattersall vouches that the WHS module inside of HRA Cloud is heavily relied on – the company uses the policies and reporting features to ensure they’re meeting their employer obligations and keeping their people safe and healthy. Staff have access to the platform to log health and safety incidents.

And, since the pandemic, Tattersall says the company was able to quickly respond and ensure their staff could work from home safely using the module.

“HR Assured provided checklists for home working, desk assessments, working from home agreements and a huge amount of support to navigate both Government support schemes: JobKeeper and JobSeeker.

“Also, HR Assured responds quickly to challenges and changes in the working environment so I don’t have to be across it in any level of detail.

“All of our annual performance management is done through the software, including recording training and qualifications of our staff. We’ve also integrated the HRA Cloud with our payroll system.

“Their HRA Cloud platform has every template and workflow we could ever hope to have making it a genuine ‘paint by numbers game’: letters to employees, employment agreements and more can be drafted in minutes.”

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