Clean My Office Space (CMOS) is a high-performance commercial cleaning company that proudly specialises in and delivers professional cleaning services for offices and common areas. With staff located in two major New Zealand cities, CMOS primarily works with small-to-medium sized businesses looking for the best solution to keep their workspaces clean, healthy, and productive.

Since its foundation in 2012, CMOS has grown to have over 100 employees servicing some of the biggest businesses and franchises in New Zealand. With more and more employees joining the team, CMOS hasn’t strayed from its core mission to deliver high-quality cleaning services to its clients.


Finding the right fit for CMOS

CMOS’s workplace compliance journey began with our sister company, enableHR, a leading people management software that uses intuitive workflows, legally sound checklists, documents, and templates to help businesses manage their HR and safety obligations.

And while the HR software complemented the business’s existing HR function, over time, an internal restructure and a review of its systems, CMOS transitioned away from this model and began looking for a complete outsourced HR solution.

So, what was CEO Harvey Frame searching for in a new HR solution? It had to meet his company’s needs, had to be locally based, and it must align with their values – this seemed like an impossible task at the time for Frame, but that’s where HR Assured stood out – it ticked all the boxes and more.

Settling on HR software and services that were built for New Zealand workplaces and backed by workplace relations lawyers, HR Assured gave Frame the extra confidence he needed.


Corporate responsibility and the environment

Frame says, “CMOS is always striving to make a positive impact on the environment, so choosing an HR solution that was paperless allowed us to simplify and store our employment records digitally and meet our corporate responsibility.

“HR Assured’s scalable technology means it’ll grow with us, no matter how big or small we get – its platform can be optimised to suit us and gives us the tools and support we need so that we can continue to deliver stellar cleaning and customer service to our clients.”


The power of a complete HR solution

The technology and services HR Assured provide are there to make life easier and give business owners and operators peace of mind knowing they’re following workplace rules. From the initial compliance audit and water-tight processes and workflows that have been created by workplace law experts inside of the software, HRA Cloud, to the 24/7 Telephone Advisory Service and insurance and representation, the team at CMOS have certainty knowing that every step they take throughout the employee lifecycle will be compliant.

The account managers who lead the team of cleaners at CMOS all have varied experience in managing people. However, Frame says that if they’re ever faced with a workplace matter and they are unsure of how to manage the situation, they’ll have the support structures in place.

“Our team often used the advice line – even for the simplest of questions – if we’re not sure about an HR process or how to approach a situation, we know that we can rely on the advice given to us via telephone support.

“The advice and support we’re given not only ensures the team is doing the right things, but it also improves and develops our people into stronger people managers.”

So how does CMOS use HRA Cloud? Frame says safety is a huge focus in the business and, while they rely on the software to store and manage their employees’ information and access legal documents and template, they also use HRA Cloud to manage their health and safety obligations.

“The platform is used by everyone in our business, including the people working in our head office and our account managers and teams of cleaners on the ground. What I like about the software is that if we have a health and safety issue, our people can quickly escalate the incident or hazard right from their devices, and they can even upload photos.”

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