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Disabilities and WHS: your essential guide

Nearly one in five people in Australia have a disability – that’s 4.4 million Australians.
As everybody lives longer and people stay in the workforce until an increasingly-later age, there’s a higher likelihood you’ll have people in your team with a disability.
Now is the ideal time to learn your Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) duties around disabilities and health conditions.

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Download and know what to do

This eBook helps employers understand what staff with disabilities need, what the law requires – and how to respond to both.

Reasonable adjustments and WHS explained
Your guide explains the circumstances in which Reasonable Adjustments for disabled people are non-negotiable, as opposed to when you can negotiate the requested adjustments – and tells you what to do if you don’t know how to act.
Need customised guidance? Consult us
HR Assured offers a bespoke workplace compliance consultation. It’s tailor-made advice for your specific situation when you’ve read the eBook, and followed the checklist but there are still difficult actions to take in your workplace to ensure your WHS set-up won’t leave you liable. Find out how to book your no-cost Workplace Compliance Consultation after downloading the eBook.