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Employment contracts fact sheet

Did you know that businesses aren’t legally required to issue employment contracts to employees?

This must-have fact sheet is a complete employer’s guide to drafting water-tight employment contracts. It also explains the cold-hard truths about them in easy-to-understand language that’ll help you get the process right every time.

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Get the basics right every time

The last thing any business owner wants is to be exposed to risk – having written agreements in place reduces the potential for disputes to arise. And while employment contracts are not lawfully required, it is considered best practice to have them in place and is the best way to protect both parties.

Essential information for employers
From key terms to accurately defining the type of employment, this fact sheet explains why written agreements must be comprehensive and why it’s vital they outline the terms, conditions, and obligations of employment.
Covering all your bases
Businesses need to find the all-important balance between ensuring a contract covers all bases and it’s also easy for the employee to understand. Achieving this can be difficult and that’s where this jam-packed fact sheet can help.