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Your complete guide to what’s changing in the disability industry

Whether it's combatting workplace discrimination, meeting payroll requirements, or ensuring that Work Health and Safety (WHS) obligations are met, disability providers, big and small, have their hands full to ensure they’re on top of their compliance. Inside the pages of this eBook, our experts share what’s changing in 2023, and what disability providers must be aware of.

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A snapshot, your employer obligations, and how to keep your team safe

We know that understanding your WHS obligations and maintaining compliance can be an admin-heavy, time-consuming task but that’s where this eBook can help.

We help you detangle complex workplace law
There’s a lot of information inside these pages, and if it leaves you with any questions, we’re only a phone call away – our friendly experts are ready to explain, assist, and support you.
Protect your people and your business
The passing of key pieces of legislation in the past 18 months has started the balling rolling on long-overdue reform within the disability and aged care industry. This eBook breaks down these changes from Respect@Work to award changes and WHS obligations.