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New laws in Australian workplaces: 11 changes explained

After passing Parliament in late 2022, the Federal Government’s Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Secure Jobs, Better Pay) Act 2022 has received royal assent and brings a range of new requirements on employers. To help you navigate this intricate web of compliance, our experts have carefully curated this must-have guide for employers explaining 11 of the most important changes.

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Staying on the right side of the law has never been more important

Not only does this piece of legislation aim to deliver a fairer workplace relations system for Australian workers, but it also seeks to create job stability, fair pay, gender equality, and new protections for employees. If you don’t have a legal expert on your side to explain what’s changed in plain English, the compliance involved in this new legislation could swamp you.

Make sure you’re compliant
From explaining the objects of the Fair Work Act and fixed-term contracts to prohibiting pay secrecy and sexual harassment at work, our experts have covered everything you need to know to help you navigate and understand these new laws.
Make the complex, simple
HR Assured’s team of workplace relations advisors field some of the trickiest questions across various industries and professions. Their legal qualifications and years of experience in employment law informs this guide to some of the most common problems you’re likely to face.