What are the steps of effective workplace management?

As we all know, there are generally three stages of an employee’s life cycle: hiring employees, employee management and employee terminations. Being an effective manager in all three of these stages is critical for successful workplace management.

Workplace Management Stage 1: Pre Employment (Hiring)

The onboarding process is extremely important in order to kick-start effective workplace management. Onboarding is so much more than simply filling out a few forms (although these forms are essential!). It represents the opportunity to introduce the new employees to the business, their colleagues and most importantly your expectations. It is the time to explain not only the business and performance goals of your organisation but also the company’s vision and values. Onboarding is not just a job for the HR Manager, it should involve the entire team. All employees should be involved in welcoming new team members, this reinforces the collegiality and culture of the workplace.

Jumping back to those forms though … have you issued your new employees a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement, a compliant Contract of Employment as well as a copy of all of your workplace policies and procedures?

Workplace Management Stage 2: Employee Management

Having an effective employee management system is the heart of having an efficient workforce. Whether it’s understanding your obligations around performance reviews, or knowing the right way to counsel an employee for poor performance, misconduct or even initiating and conducting an investigation into a complaint or grievance, having the right systems in place make this stage of the workplace management process a whole lot smoother. We can assist you in ensuring that you have ticked all the boxes in relation to your employee management processes and procedures.

Workplace Management Stage 3: Terminations

As employers, we all know how difficult this stage of workplace management can be. Whether you are terminating within the minimum employment period, terminating for genuine redundancy or terminating summarily (immediately) due to misconduct; you need to be certain that you are following a compliant and thought out process in order to protecting your business from possible claims. Imagine being able to follow a simple yet compliant step-by-step process when terminating an employee, knowing that process was created by a group of HR experts and professionals.

Following a thought out and compliant process when terminating an employee has been proven to assist you in undertaking these often challenging processes, and greatly reduce your chance of receiving a claim from your employees (past or present). Not only can we assist you in conducting a “safe” termination, but we can advise you if the process you have followed is sufficient to end an employee’s employment, always aiming to mitigate your risk of a potential claim.